L’Amour de la musique depuis 1972.



La musique du groupe H.E.A.T. n’est pas nostalgique, c’est de loin le meilleur du Rock Classique ou tout simplement du ROCK énergique, mélodique, bref le groupe Scandinave à ne pas manquer en Live !!!!

Despite these hectic two years, the guys still managed to keep the song writing going and in August of 2013 they once again entered Studio Bohus with producer Tobias Lindell to record their fourth album entitled: “Tearing Down the Walls”.
With this album H.E.A.T has once again created a great hard rock album with the right blend of melodic and heavy songs. Singer Erik Grönwall about the title:
“Tearing down the walls is about breaking free from your mental walls that are holding you back. Go out there and try new things, don’t let yourself be your own worst enemy. Tear down the walls.”
Tearing down the Walls is released April 11th, and the EP “A Shot at Redemption” is being released February 12th.
They kicked off the tour playing in Madrid with Scorpions in March and 2014 and in May they did a three week long tour covering Germany, England, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway. The summer was filled with big festivals in Spain, Sweden and Finland and H.E.A.T once again opened for Scorpions in Padova, Italy. In October the guys will go to U.S.A for the first time, headlining the Melodic Rock Fest in Chicago and shortly after that they will headline Firefest in the UK.

H.E.A.T is:
Erik Grönwall – Vocals
Eric Rivers – Guitar
Jona Tee – Keyboards
Jimmy Jay – Bass
Crash – Drums